BMW M2 Coupe with M Performance Parts

BMW’s high-performance M2 Coupe will be offered with M Performance Parts to enhance its visual appearance and dynamic ability.

The highly anticipated BMW M2 Coupe is due for launch in South Africa in April 2016 and BMW has announced the availability of M Performance Parts to enhance the look and performance of the model. The range of M Performance Parts includes components for aerodynamics, engine, interior and suspension. Let’s take a closer look at what’s on offer…

A number of aerodynamic components will be available for the BMW M2 Coupe. The components are made from carbon-reinforced plastic (CRFP) or carbon fibre and include front and side sill attachments, a rear diffuser and mirror caps.

Apart from enhancing the appearance of the M2, the sill attachments and diffuser are designed to enhance and optimise airflow around the vehicle. This in turn improves handling and overall performance. The enhanced M2 also features an M Performance grille with an integrated BMW M logo in traditional BMW Motorsport colours.

Engine, brakes and suspension enhancements

For increased aural pleasure, the M2 Coupe can be fitted with a flap silencer system that enhances the perception of the engine sound. The sound varies depending whether you are engaged in Sport or Track mode, which can be selected using a Bluetooth remote control. In Sport mode, the M2 delivers a sporty thrum while Track mode creates a more intense sound with more volume and character. Visually speaking, the exhaust flap system is finished in high-gloss with an embossed M- Performance logo while the 80 mm diameter tailpipe features a perforated inner section. Buyers can also opt for carbon fibre tailpipe elements fitted to the 93 mm diameter M Performance exhaust system with an integrated BMW M logo.

For the suspension, an M Performance coil spring suspension can be fitted to improve handling and grip. With this suspension fitted, the vehicle is lowered 5 mm when compared with the standard suspension and can be further lowered by an additional 20mm. The driver is also able to adjust the shock absorber settings to suit the driving situation.

For enhanced braking, BMW is also offering M Performance brakes pads suited for track use and higher levels of active safety. These brake pads are more resistant to thermal stress and don’t exhibit fading tendencies, even under extreme use. The M Performance brakes pads offer improved braking with more direct response compared with the standard braking system.

Interior enhancements

For the interior of the M2 Coupe, buyers can have LED door sill cover strips fitted for the driver and passenger side. M Performance mats can also be had with a non-slip grip surface made of rubber and textile fibre. Stainless steel pedal covers with rubber accents helps prevent slip when working the brake and clutch pedal.

There are also two M Performance steering wheels on offer. The first is the M Performance Pro steering wheel that comes with Alcantara in the grip areas and harder foam for a more precise steering feel. This steering wheel also features a light blue central marker and three-colour M seam and open-pore carbon fibre trim element with an M Performance inscription.

The second steering wheel is the standard M Performance wheel with a race display and carbon fibre trim. This steering wheel features an integrated display on the upper rim, relaying driving information to the driver. Menu buttons are found in the thumb recesses and the wheel also features a gear shift indicator with two bi-colour LED lights strips. An M Performance Interior Kit Carbon will also be on offer and this package includes trim elements for the gear lever, centre console and handbrake lever. M Performance interior trim finishes in Alcantara and carbon fibre round off the look.

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