This, boys and girls, is a Nissan Navara with a GT-R engine. It’s worth being blunt about that because, let’s face it, this is about as blunt as cars get.

It’s the work of Severn Valley Motorsport (SVM), the Shropshire-based company that has previous in shoehorning the GT-R’s gizzards into the body of a Qashqai, with 230mph as its loopy target.

Unlike that project, though, this one is very much in the conceptual stages. This is not a car (sorry, truck) that’s ready for sale. Rather, it’s a ‘look at what we can do’ that ought to worm its way into the dreams of hurried builders everywhere.

This Navara-R comes tuned up to 800bhp, but SVM is keen to stress you can have anything from the circa-550bhp of a standard GT-R, right up to 1,500bhp. Y’know, like a Bugatti Chiron…

SVM can transplant an engine tuned to your choosing straight into a Navara, accompanied by some appropriate chassis mods. Or, if your pockets are deeper, it’ll slot the pick-up’s body over an entire R35 GT-R drivetrain, clever four-wheel-drive gubbins and driver-flattering tech an’ all.

That’s something that will cost around R3,675,000 before VAT. And it’s probably worth thinking of some commercial uses for that loadbay, as without them, that VAT will take you past R4,200,000.