Pre-Entry Covid Screening

Please Complete The Form Below Before Entry

Primo Customer Information

COVIC-19 regulations require us to capture certain personal information of customers/staff/service providers, to be able to trace them afterwards, if required. Please complete theis short screening questionnaire. We will not share your information, unless required for official COVID-19 purposes.

    As Required By Government

    By Providing Primo Executive Cars, with the requisite information to allow entry into our premises for the purpose of providing you with goods and services as prescribed by the minister of tourism, you are giving Primo explicit consent to process your personal information as necessary. Primo will take all reasonable steps to ensure all required information security and data governance controls are implemented. you information may be stored in a location outside the boarders of South Africa and by agreeing to collection and processing your information you explicitly consent to all for your information to be processed as such.
    Whilst I understand that the establishment pledges to abide by every government protocol as very best it can, I realize that there may be risk involved and I choose of my own free will to shop in this premises.

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