R40 000 In Bucks Back Bonuses

Primo Executive Cars Is Giving A Total Of R40 000 Cash Back Over November & December.

Get More Out With PEC Bucks Back Bonuses #whosgotmybucks

Just Another Great Reason To Purchase Your Next Vehicle From Primo Executive Cars.


How It Works!

Purchase any vehicle from Primo Executive Cars during the months of November and December and stand a chance to get Bucks Back. A total of R40 000 Is being given back over November & December. R20 000 per month.

November (Draw On 7th December 2016)
1st Prize R12 000 Cash Back
2nd Prize R8 000 Cash Back

December (Draw On 7th January 2017)
1st Prize R12 000 Cash Back
2nd Prize R8 000 Cash Back

T&Cs Apply
If your name is drawn Primo Executive will contact you and you will need to visit Primo Executive Cars within 24 hours to take a picture of yourself and your new car at the dealership. Then post it on Facebook Like, Share and Comment on the post to get your bucks back. PS: Remeber to use the Hashtag #whosgotmybucks

Primo Executive Giving Bucks Back When You Need It Most!!!


1 Step: Let us help you find your new dream car. Click on our Showroom


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