My Insurance Offer Terms & Conditions


In order to take advantage of our Insurance offer please sign the following Terms & Conditions

1.This offer is applicable to selected vehicles only.

2.We will get a quotation on your vehicle, on the information supplied to compile a profile.

3. If the broker or insurance company you have a relationship with is cheaper than our quotation, then we will go with this option

4. We will pay upfront up to (12) twelve months for your insurance, (Terms and Conditions apply)

5. Rates are worked out on non-claiming customers, living in secure areas, above a higher risk age.

*If for any reason your profile attracts a higher rate, we will pay as per point ‘4’ and merely minimize the months of cover.
e.g. (9) Nine months upfront instead of (12) twelve

6. Value cannot be substituted for cash or discount

7. Discount and Insurance offer cannot be taken together

8. Changes to insurance can be made within 24 hours without prior notice


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